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We are all about working with animals using positive reinforcement training methods.

About Us

Formed by animal lover Sarah Courbet, The CanoCoach offers a range of dog training services to help you with your dogs – whatever their needs. We offer 121 Consultations, 121 Training and 121 Puppy Training. Group classes are coming soon!

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Our approach to training

Our understanding of dog behaviour has changed considerably over the past few decades. Historically, there were misunderstandings about why dogs behave as they do. For example, it was believed for a long time that dogs developed behaviours like aggression in order to achieve high status or ‘dominance’ over their owners. Unfortunately, this led to training methods based on coercion or punishment in order to ‘keep dogs in their place’. With recent research, we know that this type of approach is not only unnecessary but counterproductive.

  • The CanoCoach offers positive reinforcement methodologies

  • Help nurture the bond between owner and dog

  • Provides long term training and benefits to dogs and owners

Qualified Trainers

We only provide training by Accredited Trainers. Sarah is an IMDT Accredited Trainer, with Distinction. She is awaiting verification of her Open College Network Accreditation – Level III Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour. Coming early 2020!

What others think of The CanoCoach:

“Having had the pleasure of meeting Sarah through a dog trainers course, I can say I fully recommend her. Sarah has a wonderful way with dogs (even winning over my particularly picky and grumpy Kelpie), and equally as important, she has a wonderful way of coaching. She instantly puts you at ease and makes learning fun for both you and your dog!”

Aimee Tippett, Padfoot Dog Training

“We had our first training session yesterday for our cheeky 14 week old cockapoo. Sarah is really friendly and very knowledgeable. We are practising hard with Piper at home and look forward to her future sessions. Thanks

The H family, Alvechurch

“Sarah has a wonderful way with animals. She is a loving and compassionate lady towards them.”

Mandy C, Alvechurch